4 Reasons to Love SPP colleges in Canada

SPP colleges, or Student Partnership Program colleges, are learning institutions in Canada that streamline the visa process for Indian students. What started out as an initiative to streamline the application process for Indian student quickly expanded to include students from China as well. If you are considering applying for an SPP college in Canada, here are four reasons to do so:

Increase Your Chances of Getting a Visa

By applying for an SPP college, you exponentially increase your chances of getting accepted into a Canadian school. Moreover, the visa processing time is generally much shorter for students than it is for typical visa applicants.

Provide Less Documentation

When you apply for a visa via the SPP, you won’t need nearly as much documentation as you would had you applied outside of the program. For instance, when you apply via the SPP, you do not need to show proof of income or tax returns.

Attend a Quality Institution SPP college

The community colleges that participate in the SPP are generally more student-centric. These institutions hire quality instructors and counselors who are interested in helping students no matter their background.

Start Off on the Right Foot Financially

It can be difficult for students to dig themselves out of debt once they graduate. However, students who attend SPP colleges can cut their student debts in half but still receive the same level of education as those that attended a four-year straight out of primaries.

If you are an Indian or Chinese student and if you want to go to school in Canada, consider these four reasons to start your Canadian education at a SPP college.