Fiona Ackerman Canadian Artist

Fiona Ackerman Canadian ArtistFiona Ackerman is one of the artists on display at the Oeno Gallery and has received a variety of education including receiving her diploma in 1995 at the F.A.C.E School in Montreal, receiving DEC Creating Arts in 1998 from the Dawson College of Creative Arts in Montreal, and a BFA in 2002 from the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Visual Arts in Vancouver. She also received education at the Concordia University for Painting and Drawing from 1998 until 2000 in Montreal along with instructions in painting in Spain and Italy.

Ackerman was born in Montreal but is now working and living in Vancouver, British Columbia. Her paintings have been showcased across the globe in countries like France and Germany and, of course, Canada. She has received many awards, from the Kingston Prize for Canadian Portraiture as an honorable mention in 2009 and she was also displayed in the Carte Blanche 2, published by the Magenta Foundation in 2008.

Her style of painting is unique and is found in all her works of art since she learned how to paint. On the other hand, her style can be very delicate as well as vivid.

==Ackerman’s Solo Exhibitions==

She has had several solo exhibitions which include Through the Mirror at the Galerie Clause Steinrotter, in Munster, Germany and the Heterotopia at the Winsor Gallery in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2012. She was showcased at the Herringer Kiss Gallery at their Celebratory Gunfire in Calgary AB in 2011. In Toronto, Ontario her masterpieces were displayed in the Artificial Kingdom at the Parts Gallery. In Vancouver, British Columbia at the Diane Farris Gallery she was displayed with her art known as A Harlequin Escapade in 2009. In 2008, her work Reminiscence was displayed in Victoria, British Columbia at the View Art Gallery.