Welcome to our website that is dedicated to Canadian artwork, artists, and art galleries across Canada. We have highlighted some of the most popular art galleries and Canadian artists that we believe you will enjoy.

This website was created not only to introduce you to Canadian artists and art galleries but give you an idea of the beauty that may be just around the corner. Learning about art and the artists behind the displays is an interesting and enjoyable event that the entire family will be able to enjoy while they learn more about Canadian artwork and artists. You may be very surprised at some of the pieces of art that you can find in your own province or others in Canada.

The art galleries you will learn more about include:
*Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery
*Odon Wagner Gallery
*The Thames Art Gallery
*Oeno Gallery

A few of the Canadian artists you will be introduced to along with their type of artistry include:
*Melanie Authier
*Pierre-Auguste Renoir
*Nadia Myre
*Fiona Ackerman

As you browse our pages, we hope you enjoy learning more about the galleries and the artwork they display along with any events that art galleries offer. Some even offer workshops, groups rates, and other features.

Learning about the artists will be fascinating and interesting as you learn more about their lives and the types of masterpieces each one created. We hope you enjoy your visit and enjoy the art galleries and artists that we have chosen. There are several other exhibits that you will learn about as you browse our pages.