Oeno Gallery

Oeno GalleryThe Oeno Gallery project began in 2004 when the gallery started their search for Canadian artists in the middle of their career or seniors that have achieved recognition worldwide for their masterpieces and talent. The Oeno Gallery is a member of the Art Dealers Association of Canada and is therefore dedicated to ensuring the highest standard in their partnerships with collectors, art consultants, clients, and artists from across the globe.

The gallery is known for its variety of exhibitions each year as well as discussions by those in the world of art including art historians and artists. Since 2013, the gallery has started relationships similar to those above not only with Canadians but those from the Middle East, United Kingdom, China, United States, Europe, and Australia. In 2011, the Oeno Gallery opened at Huff Estates their Sculpture Garden. All of the paths stroll you through a large four-acre garden that goes to the side of the vineyard. The garden was designed for visitors to enjoy peace and quiet as well as a place for contemplation and discovery with color, majestic art installations, plants, and material from the limestone terroir.

The current exhibit that visitors can enjoy at the Oeno Gallery is the Shayne Dark “Drawing in Space. The exhibit will be on view from June 4th until June 27th, 2006. David Liss art curator in 2015 gave his own description of Shayne Dark’s sculpture as aesthetically compelling as hypnotically complex. Due to their usual and unique visual form, the sculpture encourages curiosity regarding the sublime and inexplicable wonder that is what we find in our ourselves including human and natural. There are 12 different masterpieces on display with four being large-scale similarities on Dark’s angular Spire and Entangled Series. Not only will you find older sculptures but Dark has allowed two new pieces of work to be included in the exhibit using steel, bronze, and copper series that are circular sculptures on the wall.