The 3 Best Art Galleries In Vancouver

Art is used as a way to express how the artist feels. The diversity of the World can be seen through arts and it is absolutely fascinating, how arts can make people come together, celebrate, remember, and appreciate where they come from. The cultural differences show, that we all have different points of view and we should try to respect and understand that. Through different colours, brush swipes and textures, anyone can find an art piece, that they love. Feelings, such as love and hate, can be put into an art form. It is sometimes easier to turn feelings into a piece of art, than to express them through words.

shutterstock_116018224Study what you love

After graduating high school, many try to think about the next step in their lives. The future might seem a bit scary, but it is crucial, to think about the things you find closest to your heart and pursue them. Thus, it is important to study what you love. Usually, people who pursue a degree in fine arts, truly love what they do. Canada has one of the leading education systems and to obtain a bachelor of fine arts in Canada, is a perfect choice for art-lovers. With its rich history, variety of cultures and many opportunities, it is a great first step to make.

The must-see art galleries in Vancouver

Vancouver has been chosen among the top 5 cities in the World. It is fascinating, diverse, interesting and it has always something new to explore. For all the art-lovers, Vancouver offers many art galleries to choose from. The Vancouver Art Gallery, is a wonderful modern art gallery with interesting art and installation, photo exhibitions, sculptures, and 3D-pieces. Hill’s Native Art Gallery has a fabulous collection of Native art. It is a store, but it feels like an art gallery, due to its amazing Native art pieces. A great local gallery to visit, is the Coastal Peoples Fine Arts Gallery. You cannot go wrong with these!