The Thames Art Gallery

The Thames Art GalleryThe Thames Art Gallery is located in Chatham, Ontario, Canada and focuses on organizing, researching, and showcasing any art related programs of Canadian contemporary art that is either scholarly, revolutionary or relevant. The curatorial events aid in supporting an atmosphere that will create an appreciation as well as an understanding of today’s visual artwork. The gallery offers more than just exhibitions but also provides individuals the ability to discuss the culture of contemporary artwork.

The Thames Art Gallery offers around 18 different exhibitions every year in the three spaces that are available. The ground floor has two large walls surfaces that measure 6 1.2 meters tall and by length 21 meters. The next gallery is the Mezzanine Gallery that offers a smaller space that also allows you to see the ground floor gallery. The last gallery is the Community and Project Room which is available for short video projects as well as community creativeness.

The gallery not only offers current exhibitions but also traveling exhibitions, permanent collections, community arts initiatives, artists in residence, adult art classes, children’s art classes and more.

The upcoming exhibitions include:
*Melanie Authier from July 15th until July 16th at the ground floor gallery
*VibraFusionLab which will be held from September 16 until November 13 at the ground floor gallery.
*Eye for Art will be held from November 18 until January 2017 on the ground floor gallery.

The gallery does offer a permanent section that offers visitors the chance to view contemporary, historical works of visual artists with more than 500 installations, sculptures, photographs, drawings and paintings that are from the middle of the 1800’s until present day.

As you can see, there are many different aspects of The Thames Art Gallery that both adults and children will love while they learn history as well as how to appreciate artwork of various types.