Top 5 universities to consider if you want to become an artist

Artists are naturally creative, but if they want to make a career out of their art, they need to choose an excellent accredited university to get a solid educational grounding from an accredited art school. Some of the top schools to consider include The Royal College of Art in the UK, Parsons The New School for Design in the United States of America, Politecnico di Milano in Italy, Rhode Island School of Design in the USA and the University of the Arts London. Of course, there are other great universities to consider for becoming an artist and the highest ranked Chinese school for art is Tsinghua University.

All Rounder Universities

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shutterstock_98318531You Need more than Raw Talent

The top universities to consider if you want to become an artist offer outstanding degrees in fine art. This teaches students how to express themselves through the different artistic outlets, be it photography, graphic design, painting or sculpting. Each of these universities will offer programs that will benefit students so that they can find successful careers in art or any other field for that matter. Many students, with their art studies, take other courses to design an engaging curriculum vitae, and with an accredited university name on your resume, the doors of opportunity will swing wide open.