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Kate Brown

Accessibility and Disability Advocate | Community Engagement Champion | Accessibility Program Manager

Accessibility Expert

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About Kate

Kate Brown is an experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry.


Kate Brown offers workshop facilitation for a range of accessibility needs.

Curriculum Vitae

Learn more about Kate's professional experience, educational experience, publications, and honours and awards.

I had the pleasure of working with Kate on the creation and implementation of an institution-wide accessibility resource for McMaster University. Her passion for accessible education and disability advocacy is immediately evident and reflected in her exemplary leadership of this project. Kate has an affinity for bringing people and resources together in order to achieve a common goal; she takes the time to know her team well and offers constructive guidance accordingly. She continues to find creative, innovative, and efficient ways of implementing accessible teaching and learning practices, and Kate will undoubtedly remain a key instigator of positive change for higher education.
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